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Falling Objects Update

It appears the bus is late. The South Korea’s National Space Situational Awareness Organisation has said that it is due to enter the upper atmosphere between 4:00 am and 12 noon on Monday.

The debris from the abandoned eight-tonne craft could land anywhere between the latitudes of 43º north and 43º south – from New Zealand to the American Midwest. Liuzhou is 24º north. But that latitude range is one-quarter of the planet so not very helpful unless you are well outside it.

The Chinese media have promised a ‘splendid fireball’  and the government line is still maintaining silence on whether or not the craft is out of control, while simultaneously saying any such suggestion is the invention of the foreign press.

Oh! So they were just organizing a free firework show but can’t tell us where or when!

Pull the other one.

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One Response to “Falling Objects Update”

  1. David Says:

    Well , it may be April 1st but I’m not taking this helmet off until all the bits are definitely down – and I won’t be believing any reassurances the CNSA give .
    ….think I should add some bunny ears ?

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