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Old Liuzhou in Pictures No. 2

A group of newly graduated middle school students / red guards gather for a picture with the Chairman. All clutching their Little Red Books. Like the first in this series, this was taken in Liuzhou People’s Square, but earlier. 1968

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Ironman Ironwoman Results

My immaculate sources inform me that the Ironman Triathlon held in Liuzhou and which I mentioned earlier has been won. Twice? The Ironman man winner is a British person named Alistair Brownlee while the Ironman Ironwoman was a Polish person named Agnieszka Jerzyk. I have no idea what any of this actually means, but for […]

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Down By The Riverside (And Out)

For many years now, a number of homeless Liuzhou people have camped out in the riverside area under the northern end of Liujiang Bridge and in the environs. Recently,  a few (about 10) have been sleeping out on 滨江西路 where this building at No. 9 affords an overhanging projection offering some, if little, protection from […]

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Old Liuzhou in Pictures No. 1

This photograph was taken in 1973, during Mao’s cultural revolution when the youth was running out of control led by the “Red Guards”. It shows a mass meeting of young people about to be sent to the countryside to “learn from the peasants”. A lucky few were sent within Guangxi, but many were sent to […]

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Update Update

Tiangong-1 entered the atmosphere at 8:15 this morning and, although most of it was burned up on re-entry, some wreckage did land in the Southern Pacific, NW of Tahiti. So it’s safe to go out again, but keep your eyes on that launch site in Sichuan.

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Falling Objects Update

It appears the bus is late. The South Korea’s National Space Situational Awareness Organisation has said that it is due to enter the upper atmosphere between 4:00 am and 12 noon on Monday. The debris from the abandoned eight-tonne craft could land anywhere between the latitudes of 43º north and 43º south – from New […]

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