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Beware of Falling Objects

The world is watching for signs of being hit on the head by the out of control Chinese space station, Tiangong 1 due to crash land somewhere on our planet this weekend. From what I’ve read, scientists are unsure how much of the thing will burn up on re-entry and no one knows where any […]

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Random Photograph 95 – Snail Travel

Random Picture No. 95 is one in a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse, baffle or otherwise interest me. Ever wonder who organised that “Slow Boat To China”? I reckon I’ve found out. The English is a direct translation of the Chinese but ‘snail’ has the same metaphoric connotation in Chinese – slow, […]

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Ironman 70.3

If you are like me, you probably thought what does Ironman 70.3 mean. That source of all human knowledge (not) Wikipedia informs me that An Ironman 70.3, also known as a Half Ironman, is one of a series of long distance triathlon races organized by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC). The “70.3” refers to the […]

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The Welsh Have Come

Following my recent mention that the Welsh football team were to arrive in Nanning, I can now tell you that they have duly done so. These exclusive photos are from my spy in Nanning’s Wanda Hotel, where the team is staying. The team was met as usual by some of the more alluring female staff […]

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Random Photograph No 94 – Good Cop, Bad Cop?

Random Picture No. 94 is one in a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse, baffle or otherwise interest me. Xinhua Book Store, Wuxing, Liuzhou

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No News

南国今报, (Southern Daily News is the most popular local newspaper here in Liuzhou – much more so than the deadly dull Liuzhou Daily. But yesterday, along with every other newspaper in China, it didn’t say much about local news as it was obliged to report on Xi Jinping’s “unanimous” re-election as president of China and […]

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The Welsh are Coming

I read on the British embassy website that the Welsh football team are coming to Nanning this month to thrash the Chinese national team (everyone does, so it’s no major achievement). What concerns me though is that I have some friends in Nanning who are excellent English speakers, unlike the Welsh. My poor friends are […]

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