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Narcotic Noodles

A Liuzhou noodle shop owner has been jailed for six months and fined ¥10,000 after being caught adding opium poppy seeds to his Luosifen 螺蛳粉 and Guilin rice noodles 桂林米粉.

In December 2016, he heard that adding the seeds would make for more repeat custom, so in July 2017 he bought a two kilogram sack of the seeds and began adding them to his broth. Suspicious customers reported his shop to the authorities who raided and found 1.6 kilos of seeds remaining.

He was charged with violating State regulations on food hygiene by adding toxic and harmful non-food materials during food processing and sales. The acts “constituted the crime of producing and selling poisonous and noxious foods” and so he was found guilty and sentenced.

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  1. David Says:

    Wouldn’t have minded trying some of that .

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