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#MeToo Liuzhou

A bartender in a Liuzhou bar called police himself to ask for assistance after he felt in danger from a group of women, one of whom he had sexually molested by grabbing hold of her breast.

The group of women, described in sexist terns in local newspaper reports as “young and pretty female customers” were drinking on Feb 20th in an unnamed bar on Qinyun road (青云路 qīng yún lù) in the  city centre, when one of them accidentally bruised herself. In an effort to help their friend, some of them went to the bar to ask for some ice to apply to their friend’s face. It this point the barman, only identified as a Mr. Li, reached out and took hold of one woman’s right breast.

The woman angrily demanded an apology, but Li just walked away. Soon he realised that the women were not going to just accept his behaviour and feared that he was about to get beaten up, so he called the police.

When police arrived, Li confessed that he had inappropriately touched her, but claimed that when he saw the “beautiful, young” woman” he could not help but touch a bit. He said that he did not expect such a touch to lead to so much trouble.

He has been charged with obscene behaviour and is being held for five days.


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