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Phở-less in Liuzhou

It has always surprised me in one way and not at all in another that there are so few Vietnamese restaurants here in town. After all, we are very near.  But what surprises me even more is that the three such places I know all do the same one dish and ignore the wide cuisine that Vietnam offers. They don’t even do Phở., the most well known dish, if not always the best.

I saw this place from a taxi about a week ago and went by today.

Like the others it only offers bánh cuốn – rice pasta rolls. They are fine, but hey, there is more!

bánh cuốn

I suspect this is a Chinese operation rather than Vietnamese – they get the Vietnamese slightly wrong on their sign – and they are going for something easy and recognisable. Not that phở would confuse the locals.

This place is at the northern end of 北站路.

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3 Responses to “Phở-less in Liuzhou”

  1. John Perry Says:

    I haven’t seen you for a long time. I left LZ in 2006, although I did go then quite often to see friends. But I actually finished in China in 2012 – too old to work. I still see a few friends – I was in China for a month last April (only one night in LZ).

    About the Vietnam restaurant, I can’t really tell you anything. But I do know that “latin” was started by the French, maybe the beginning of 20th century. So why did they have to write all those ridiculous diacriticals? Extra-ridiculous because it doesn’t work in west European typewriters. Even on my phone I have to add language to make it work. Just call it pho. Or even fo.

    In fact last year was the first time in Vietnam, but only to change flights. BTW a plane from HCMC to London was just about the cheapest. It’s a Boeing 787. HCMC is a very small airport for a 10 million city. I don’t know whether you can get easily from LZ, but you can get direct from Nanning to Hanoi.

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:


    What is a typewriter?

    Actually the diacritics make perfect sense if you know Vietnamese. And not being able to type diacritics on a “western typewriter” would rule out many western European languages – why pick on Vietnamese? Also, western typewriters can’t do Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Thai, – need I go on?

    I certainly won’t be calling it “fo”. But then I know how to pronounce it.

    I’ve been to Vietnam from Liuzhou many times.

    P.S. I think you’ll find Latin was started by the Latini, from Latium just south of Rome, long before France even existed.

  3. Robert Says:

    I went there yesterday. The banh cuon I was given was pretty much the same as any local zhuan fen, which is probably why they were busy. I think you got special treatment

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