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LuoSiFen Museum Humbug

This saddens me beyond words.

Xinhua, China’s official news agency has announced the opening of a Luosifen (螺蛳粉) Museum last weekend. In the last couple of years around thirty “museums” chronicling everything from a Deer Museum to a Tooth Paste Museum have popped up. These inevitably turn out to merely promotional outlets for some Liuzhou company or other. The Toothpaste Museum is “coincidentally” owned by LiangMianzhen (两面针) toothpaste factory, for example.

And so with the Luosifen Museum.

The museum was set up by a local manufacturer… …Visitors can see an automated production line. Every day, around 100,000 packets of river snail rice noodles are made there.

Despite the story press release describing the dish as street food, the museum is, in fact merely promoting packets of instant noodles, a pale, insipid, industrial version of the real thing.

I don’t know if the brand shown above is the one which has set up the museum and have no desire to find out. There are now 79 companies making the things and nearly 9000 online vendors selling the stuff.

After the dish featured in the first episode of the award winning “A Bite of China” back in 2016, Liuzhou Government sank millions into subsidies and tax breaks for these manufacturers.

Me, I’m sticking with the real thing.

The Xinhua story is here. (In English). Luosifen has it’s own Facebook group here.

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