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Official Statement on Kindergartens

Xinhua, the Chinese state news agency issued the following statement on Friday.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November

In light of the recent infringement of young children in kindergartens, the Office of Education Steering Committee of the State Council issued an urgent circular on the 24th and immediately deployed a special supervision and inspection of the normative behavior of kindergartens in the whole country. It demands effective reduction of the incidence of similar incidents, to ensure the majority of children’s physical and mental health.

“In the recent past, many infants have been abused  in kindergartens, causing bad effects and causing serious harm to the infants and their families.” The circular pointed out: “The occurrence of these incidents shows that some places and kindergartens still have mismanaging systems

According to the circular, all localities should immediately organize special supervision and inspection of the performance of kindergartens in accordance with the requirements of the “Law on the Protection of Juveniles”, the “Teachers’ Law”, the Regulations on the Administration of Kindergartens, the Procedures for the Administration of Kindergartens and the Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Parks and Homes Conducted by Kindergartens, focusing on examining the building of ethics and morality and timely detection of problems and rectification. Kindergartens hurting young children and other malignant events, must be resolutely found, investigated and dealt with, and must resolutely prevent the occurrence of kindergarten child injury, and effectively protect the safety and health of children.

The circular stressed that education administrations and kindergartens throughout the country should further strengthen risk management and control of kindergartens, strengthen access control, and strengthen supervision over technical means to form a normalized regulatory mechanism, establish and improve the accountability mechanism for handling emergencies in kindergartens, clarify the relevant responsibilities, and hold responsible persons responsible for serious accidents or adverse social impacts caused by inadequate management.

The circular also requires that all localities should establish a routine monitoring system for behavior of kindergartens and parks, keep abreast of the behavior and basic operation of kindergartens and parks, and submit relevant data and information as required. Especially significant events must be properly handled, timely reported, and protection of kindergarten should have standardized management and healthy development.

The original Chinese follows,







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