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Kindergarten Cretins

It has been reported that Chinese censors have issued orders preventing reporting or commenting on reports of the recent child abuse scandal in Beijing.

The story which broke a few days ago alleged that RYB (Red Yellow Blue) New World Kindergarten in Xintiandi, in eastern Beijing had been drugging children and forcing them to stand naked or be locked up as punishment for disobedience. Worries have also been expressed that the children may have been sexually abused. The kindergarten is adjacent to a military base and its director is married to a former military official. The military has denied any involvement

Parents gather outside the kindergarten in Beijing

“For two days my daughter has been crying: ‘I’m not sick, so why give me shots?’” one mother told China Women’s News, a party-run newspaper.

Another parent claimed children had been told to take two white tablets each day after lunch, for reasons that are unclear.

“Disobedient students were also forced to stand naked or were locked up in a dark room at the kindergarten,” a third parent told the magazine Caixin.

Police and education authorities said they were investigating and would seek harsh punishment if the allegations proved true.

For two or three days, Chinese social media was awash with denunciations of the NASDAQ listed operators PYB, but on Thursday government sources issued the following statement to the media.


Don’t report or comment on the matter of the Red Yellow Blue New World Kindergarten in Beijing’s Chaoyang district.

Presumably concerned about a middle-class backlash and fury, the Chinese authorities have again reacted in their usual cretinous way by banning all discussion. They are more interested in protecting themselves than protecting children.


November 25th It has now been reported that one teacher has been arrested and placed in criminal detention for suspected abuse.

November 28th Here is a summary and update on the scandal from SupChina.

Note: Comments on this (and the next) article have been closed due to an overnight deluge of dishonest, abusive, racist and personal comments. This includes morons claiming that it is a fundamental human right for people to sexually abuse children and people making up what I “said” then arguing with that instead of what I actually said. Oh and the Trump chumps yelling “Fake News!” without  specifying what news is fake – the scandal, the ban or that the scandal and/or ban has been reported. An unsurprisingly high number of these comments come with different names and fake email addresses, but from the same ISP. Idiots.
November 26th, 2017

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