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Trusty Vegetables

Having alluded to this in my last post, I  suppose I ought to explain more. I guessed a local had set it up. A few weeks back, as I was returning home from work (the curse of the drinking classes*) I spotted this at the entrance to the neighbourhood semi-compound where I live. I guessed  it must have been set up one of the locals, but I was wrong.

The Leaning Tower of Greens

Basically, it’s an unmanned vegetable stall which operates on a trust system. Pick your greenery of choice and pay by one of the telephone payment methods or drop your pictures of the Chairman in the box. Every thing is the same price – ¥3 a bunch.

It turns out that these have been springing up in residential areas for around a year and have mostly been set up by one man, a Mr Yu. Of course, it being China, there have been many copycats and soon there will be many more.

Yu says that 85% of customers are honest and Liuzhou government are holding this up as an example of how civilised the people are now, under their glorious leadership..

I only have two problems. There is a supermarket only 20 metres from that stall which has fresher looking and cheaper greenery. Every time I walk past the stall, which is most days, there is a sad selection of veg wilting in the sun, My pet rabbit would probably turn it down, if I hadn’t stir-fried her.

* ascribed to Oscar Wilde.

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