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Friday Food 184 – Buckwheat Noodles

chopsticksFriday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week, we are bucking trends.

Recently, a new arrival in Liuzhou asked me where she might find buckwheat noodles in town, as she is gluten intolerant. I was, happily, able to tell her and thought I should share here.

The noodles are, surprisingly, more easily available than one might imagine. Almost every largish supermarket has them. What you have to look for is the Chinese name. Few are labelled in English. The Chinese is 荞麦挂面 for the dried variety and 荞麦面 for the fresh. (As ever, hover your mouse pointer over the Chinese for an enlargement and the Pinyin)

The dried are by far the most common. This bag containing 1kg dry weight costs between ¥7 and ¥10 depending on which supermarket.

Dried buckwheat noodles

‘Fresh’, as opposed to dried, are less easily available, though Bubugao has them in their chill cabinets. Around ¥4 for 200g. However, if you do have any gluten intolerance, then beware. These noodles contain more regular wheat than buckwheat.

Fresh “buckwheat” noodles

Just typical. The only ones to be labelled in English and the label is totally misleading.

NB (Ass-covering disclaimer): As anywhere on this blog, please remember I am not in any way medically qualified and accept no responsibility for any consequences of readers eating anything I mention. If you have dietary issues or allergies, please double check everything, then check again.

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