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Industrial Museum

Over the National Day week-long holiday, a couple of dear, old friends (one from Nanning and one from Guangdong) visited me here in Liuzhou. Among their requests for amusement was a trip to Liuzhou Industrial Museum.

It’s not a place I’d ever been, although about a year or more ago, shortly after they opened it, someone contacted me asking to me do some work to help promote it. When I raised the topic of recompense, they insisted that I was morally duty-bound to do it for free. That’s when I was glad I had learned the Chinese for “Piss off!”

Anyway, I now felt duty-bound to humour my friends so off we went. I wasn’t expecting much, but I actually ended up quite enjoying it. The museum was larger than I expected – two large floors.

It shows the development of Liuzhou’s industry from prehistory up to last week, laid out in chronological order. Real exhibits include both products and the machinery used in their manufacture. Older technology is shown through recreations.

Here are a few pictures.

Exterior. There are trains and the like to explore.

Boat Building


Arrival of Electric Lighting

Of course we need a few tractors.

Fly me outa here!

Top of the Pops

Radio Gaga

I’m sure I’ve been in that apartment!

Wuling Van 1988. No! General Motors didn’t invent them!

The museum (柳州工业博物馆) is situated on the east side of Wenchang Bridge (文昌大桥) , just south of the Citizens’ Square (市民广场)  and Liuzhou Government HQ. It is open every day except Monday. Opening times 9.00am to 5pm, but last admission is at 4pm (not 4:30 as mentioned on many websites).

Admission is free.

Depending on your curiosity level, you need at least an hour to get round, but you could easily spend half a day there if you are so minded.

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  1. David Says:

    Thank you
    Returning to Liuzhou soon so that’s of a real interest……yes really !

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