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Friday Food 183 – Lentils

chopsticksFriday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week, we are lovin’ some lentils.

You are probably thinking there is nothing ‘unusual’ about lentils, but there is round here. A few days ago, I came across the red ones being sold loose in Liuzhou for the first time. (Many years ago, we could occasionally find canned green lentils.

I have previously bought red lentils online, although none of my Chinese acquaintances had any idea what they were.

Bubugao supermarket is now selling them for their usual inflated prices – a whopping ¥58.80/kilo, compared to the usual ¥20-¥25 you can find for online. They are known as 马粟红扁豆 and are being sold as a “health food”.

I do like me a lentil soup, especially with a bit of Hunan cured pork. Or, an Indian style dahl as a side dish with a curry.

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