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Civilised Survey

I was sitting in my downtown Liuzhou home last night, pondering on the nature of nothingness, when there was a knock on my door. I opened it to find two women clutching reams of paper. They tried to look round me to see if there was anyone else in the room – like perhaps a human being instead of a foreigner.  Failing to find any evidence of occupants other than me, they gave me one of their sheets of paper and went on their way to annoy the rest of my neighbours.

I examined the sheet of paper. It turned out to be some sort of survey gathering the populace’s opinion on matters related to the “civilised city assessment process which runs each year. Lucky winners get to be officially known as “Civilised Cities”. It apparently hasn’t occurred to the authorities that what they are, in effect, doing is admitting that most Chinese cities are uncivilised.

Anyway, here is my rough translation of the form.

2017 National Civilized City Assessment Questionnaire

Citizen friends, hello!
We are in your city for the civilized city evaluation questionnaire. Your opinion will be sent to the civilized city organisation.
Government departments’ work improvement plays an important reference role. Please fill in the following questionnaire content, thank you!


In order to ensure the authenticity of the questionnaire basic information please click “✓” the appropriate box so that we may verify the sample:

Sampling Verification:
Your gender:    ⃞ Male      ⃞ Female
Your age:     ⃞ 18-35 years old     ⃞ 36-55 years old    ⃞ 56-65 years old


We guarantee that your personal information is only used for this city of civilized city evaluation, and not leaked or improperly used.
Please click “✓” for the option you select.

1. What do you think the of city (county) integral construction effect?
⃞ A, the effect is very good        ⃞ B, there is a great effect     ⃞ C, little effect    ⃞ D, no effect / not clear

2. Are you satisfied with the effect of the city (county) on the creation of a civilized city?
⃞  A, Satisfied    ⃞ B, Relatively Satisfied    ⃞ C, dissatisfied    ⃞ D, very satisfied    ⃞ E, do not know / do not know

3. How do you evaluate the care of minors in the city (county)?
⃞ A, very good    ⃞ B, good     ⃞ C general    ⃞ D, do not know / do not know

4. What do you think of the “gambling” phenomenon of the city (county)?

⃞ A, very serious   ⃞ B, more serious   ⃞C, not serious        ⃞D, do not know / unclear

5. What do you know of the public awareness of the city (county) administrative organs and staff services?
⃞A, strong sense of service      ⃞B, general sense of service   ⃞C, poor sense of service   ⃞D, poor sense of service

6. What do you think of the city (county) legal publicity and education atmosphere?

⃞A, not strong / unclear   ⃞B, relatively strong   ⃞C, strong   ⃞D,  very strong

7. How do you evaluate teachers and teachers in primary and secondary schools?

⃞A, very good   ⃞B, good   ⃞C, general   ⃞D,  do not know / unclear

8. Do you understand the expression “24 socialist core values”?

⃞A, do not know   ⃞B, know a little   ⃞C, know   ⃞D,  all know (to recite)

9. Do you feel that you are surrounded by moral education and civilization?

⃞ A, not strong / unclear    ⃞ B, relatively strong    ⃞C, strong   ⃞D,  very strong

10. Do you know whether your community has organized minors to participate in activities that reflect the moral practice (public service, the environment, hygiene and study tour)?

⃞ A, organized    ⃞B, often organized    ⃞C, unclear

11. Do you feel safe in our city (county)?

⃞ A, unsafe / can not tell    ⃞ B, not safe   ⃞C, more secure   ⃞D,  very safe

12. Are you satisfied with the effectiveness of this year’s work style and anti-corruption work?
(Calculated by their respective proportions, not included in the system score)

⃞ A, very satisfied     ⃞ B, more satisfied    ⃞ C, general   ⃞ D,  not satisfied   ⃞E,  hard to say


Thanks for asking!

Like the good citizen I am, I have answered all the questions including the ones which make no sense to me and am awaiting their return to collect my valueless invaluable contribution.

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