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Sex Assault Voyeurism in Liuzhou – Maybe

I have some serious doubts about the veracity of elements of this story supposedly in Liuzhou and reported by Shanghaiist, a site I’ve had accuracy issues with before.

According to their report a drunken young man passed out on a public bench in Liuzhou. Well, despite20 years in the city, I’ve never seen a public bench remotely like this.

What’s with the ovens at the rear? Where in Liuzhou is this?

Anyway, whether I’m right or wrong, the story continues with a relation of how an assailant came by and interfered, first manually with the drunk’s genitals, then attempted to stimulate him orally before emptying his pockets of around ¥600 and leaving the scene.

The report says that the alleged assailant was tracked by CCTV cameras and arrested at a nearby hotel where he had kept the victim’s ID card as a keepsake.

There are very blurred, heavily pixellated videos from the interweb on the Shanghaiist website, but I am not linking to them because, if genuine, they are

a) evidence and I retain a romantic belief in not prejudicing trials (even in China. I know!)


b) pure voyeurism.

If things pan out as normal, we’ll never hear about this again.

Fake News! Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know. But, I won’t say China invented it, but they certainly mastered it.

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