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Homophonic Humour

This amused me.

A couple of days ago, a man in Matou Village, Liuzhou was tending his bamboo forest when he came across some strangers stealing his bamboo shoots. He wouldn’t have minded, he said, had they only been taking a few for themselves, but they had amassed sack loads, so he called the police.

On their arrival the cops found three men arguing with the plantation owner. They claimed that they were just out for a walk and spotted some shoots, so decided to take one or two to have with dinner. The owner countered that they had arrived armed with knives and sacks to take away their haul.

On further investigation, the police found that they had in fact picked 100 kilos of the shoots, which is a bit much for dinner, but a good quantity to sell. The three, Messrs Huang, Liu and Zhang were taken into custody when they were unable to explain the amount of loot they had.

What amused me was the owners name – Mr. Zhu. ‘Zhu’ is the common name for, yes bamboo. Unfortunately his name isn’t really ‘bamboo’, but a homophone of that word. He is Mr 朱 (zhū) while bamboo is 竹 (zhú). Different character; different tone.

Still amuses me though.

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