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(Almost) Forgotten Liuzhou Lives No. 1

Born in 1912 in Guangdong and a graduate of an art school, 符少孟 made his way to Liuzhou sometime during the Sino-Japanese war / WW2  and settled here. He eventually found work in Liuzhou museums department.

In 1963, he designed and built a 4.2 metre high statue of Liu San Jie, which stood in Yufeng Park, until it was destroyed during the cultural revolution, but not before the statue was praised by renowned Chinese author and poet Guo Moruo.

Fu Shaomeng and his statue of Liu San Jie

In or around 1966, he received a message from his boss, 陈惠琪, asking him if he would like to design a bridge. Together, Fu and Chen went on to design the Liujiang Bridge (No 1 bridge), the first road bridge in the city, which opened in 1968. Renovated in 1986 and again 2010, the bridge still conforms to the original design. A 500 metre stretch in the centre is still reportedly the original bridge.

Fu lost his job later in the cultural revolution and spent the rest of his life carving seals and studying their history and art. His seals were highly sought after throughout China, but he never really made any significant money. He died in 1999.

This information is mainly supplied by his surviving daughter, 符丽娟, who is now 69 years old herself.

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5 Responses to “(Almost) Forgotten Liuzhou Lives No. 1”

  1. Neil Maxwell & Xue Peihua Says:

    Great stuff Laowai! keep up the good work please.

  2. Robert Says:

    Correct me if I am wrong as I often am but I seem to remember reading that the uprights for the No. 1 bridge were built with Russian aid beginning around 1959 after which the Russian engineers departed giving the advice that China didn’t yet have the technology to go crossways, wait a few more years.

  3. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    You misremember. That was the railway bridge.

    OK. The rail bridge was the first bridge, but No 1 bridge refers to the Liujiang bridge. The first road/pedestrian bridge.

  4. Robert Says:

    right, I also call the Liujiang bridge the No.1 bridge and refer to the rail bridge as that or sometimes TieQiao. So was it the rail bridge that the Russians made a start on ? I was also wondering how did they build the uprights back in those days ? The river is about 20m deep in the city. Did they just dump a whole lot of rocks off a barge in one spot until they reached the surface then begin pouring concrete?

  5. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    Yes, the Russians were involved in building the rail bridge.

    I am unqualified to pontificate about matters of pontitecture, though. How it was built is beyond me.

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