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Cops’ New Toys

Liuzhou’s cops sure like their new toys. Three years ago, they took to patrolling the streets on those ridiculous self-balancing scooters which were all the rage at the time. It didn’t last long. Like petulant children, they threw them aside and searched for the next toy.

Now we are informed that the local constabulary has been provided with the latest fad – drones and selected officers are being trained in their use in crime prevention and detection.

According to their guff “Liuzhou City Urban Management Law Enforcement detachment is committed to creating “science and technology urban management”. The recent introduction of two high-end unmanned aerial vehicles, the establishment of an unmanned aerial vehicles brigade and air law enforcement, will achieve water, road and air three-dimensional law enforcement coverage.

Then we’ll all head off back to the cop shop for a nice cup of tea.

OK. I added the last sentence.

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