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Plane Stupidity

Anyone actually in Liuzhou last night, the 12th July 2017, can’t have missed the military plane(s) which buzzed the city at low altitude for hours. As I recall, they started late afternoon and went on until well after dark.

How many planes were involved, I don’t know. And the image above may well be a very different Chinese plane.

The military air wing operate from Liuzhou airport (ha! you thought it was for passenger flights to and from Shanghai!)

About once a year or so, they put on this display of force. I’m not sure for whose benefit. I’m sure the pilot(s) had fun. They just kept me awake.

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2 Responses to “Plane Stupidity”

  1. Robert Says:

    On the night in question I was at Yao Bu Gu Zhen drinking beer and noticed the planes were flying over on lots of 6. I suspect it was the same blokes circling around. Off topic my companion and I were enjoying some excellent Portuguese lager, a welcome change from the ubiquitous German wheat beer

  2. Alan Says:

    They were still flying over my apartment complex at 11.15pm. Low-altitude, night time flying, over a built up urban area!

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