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Absent Without Leaving

I want to say thank you to all those who have contacted me recently regarding my absence, or near absence from blogging here.

There are a few reasons for this.

Number one is that, for the last few months, I have been in less-than-perfect health. This cumulated in a lengthy hospital stay in June, hence the almost complete silence.That said, since I started the blog in December 2004, I still haven’t missed posting at least one mumble per month.

The quacks tell me that I’m on the mend, so hopefully that excuse can be overcome soon.

What I really need is a revival in the ancient, near-forgotten art of falling down holes.

Second, any additional Liuzhou blogging depends to a large extent on Liuzhou rather than me. In coming up on 18 years at this game, it becomes difficult to say anything new. A society structured to suit the communist bosses rather than the people rapidly becomes repetitive and tedious. Ever wonder why the locals crowd around shit singers selling washing powder or whatever outside supermarkets? Or push and shove to get prime position for watching men dig holes? Because there is little else in the way of entertainment. Or when there is, they can’t get to see it. The tickets have all gone to the “leaders” and their mates.

Also, I’ve gotten better at recognising the rumour and bullshit machine. If I were to believe everything I’ve been told about Liuzhou and what’s going to happen here next, it would be a truly astonishing place. 99% of it mail bovine excrement.

In an effort to overcome this handicap, I am considering widening the scope of the blog. Not sure exactly how yet.I’m in very mixed minds about this. In all the time the blog has been going, I have tried to keep it on-topic and largely, I think, succeeded.

We’ll see.

Thanks again to all who asked after me, looked out for me, sent messages, comments etc.

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11 Responses to “Absent Without Leaving”

  1. angelika Spiess Says:

    wish you can recover soon ,
    i also trust the doctors in china

  2. John O Says:

    Wishing you a full and Speedy Recovery Laowai.

  3. james.jiang Says:

    words i can say is getting better in health and be happier, my friend.

  4. Mark Says:

    The reduction over the years from regular to semi-sporadic postings sucked as a regular reader, but then we know what you mean – we went from daily for 3 years to an almost non-existent post every 9 months with a well talked about desire to “get the blog going again….”

    Glad you are alright – look forward to some sarcastic posts again about anything – but totally understand the trouble in finding something to write about.

    This check in about why you were out may actually be worrying me more about other blogs I’ve followed that have just disappeared over the years.

  5. Robert Says:

    Am I right in assuming the topic of your blog is ‘ things in Liuzhou that you don’t get ‘ and now after 18 years you do get it for reasons that you just pointed out ? If so, by all means widen the scope and expand the topic. After living here for a few years I still regularly see things that I just don’t get usually associated with the ‘ me first ‘ mentality of the locals, sometimes amusing, sometimes offensive. Have you ever seen 6 people elbow and shove each other to board an empty bus ? What the hell is that all about ? or how about e-bike riders speeding up and swerving to pass between you and the curb when they can easily just ride behind you ? I reckon I could spend 18 years here and not work that one out . Oh, get well soon

  6. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    No, there is still a lot I don’t “get”, but I’ve largely already said so. Most of them aren’t Liuzhou specific, but China specific. I lived in China before moving to Liuzhou, so it’s quite a bit more than 18 years.

    But yes, I do, like you, see things all the time which defy any sense or logic.

    Only 6 for a bus. Now, you are making it up!

  7. Mike Treadwell Says:

    Just a thought – one way to widen the scope would be to permit (Dare i say?) some of us other locals to input into your blog – at least to appoint a deputy to over see it whenever you have a lengthy absence from it – going down the path of a wider China-centric blog would spoil the local feel of it all and ruin what you’ve created! The amount of things I see, and no doubt the rest of us locals see and hear around Liuzhou on a daily basis makes me wonder a) why I still choose to live here and b) question the rights and wrongs of humanity at all levels and c) something related to b that I’m sure you can work out, – but then again that is why some of us have such a long standing fascination for the place, eh? Hope you’re back to 100% soon!

  8. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    Thanks for you suggestion, but it is one I won’t be taking up.

    I’ve seen too many good blogs go down that route and fade away. I think a successful blog needs a recognisable “voice” – getting in other people inevitably dilutes that.

    There are also technical and security issues which I don’t want to even think about.

    If anyone wants to chip in, then I think the comments suffice.

    I’ll bash on as normal for a while. I’ve just really been thinking aloud, so to speak. Once I’m fully recovered, I’ll be back out in the madness and there will be plenty to say again.

    But, in the meantime, a genuine thanks for your comment and suggestions.

  9. David Says:

    Trust you’ll be firing on all eight cylinders again soon , but horrified to see they finally got to stick an intravenous in you !! I well remember a hilarious post about a previous stay in hospital some years ago and your firm rejection of such a device then . No doubt it was rather more necessary on this occasion.
    Could be that just like any long time relationship, liuzhou and you are just growing more alike ? Just take great care not to fall in any holes……

  10. Heike Says:

    Oh, I see now. From the photo, you’re just a bitter old man. No wonder your blog is filled with such nasty articles. Every other one says something cutting or judgmental. It’s a method to dump abuse on the people you dislike intensely, but are forced to live with for some unspecified reason. I feel really sorry for you and whatever life situation had such a negative outcome for you.

  11. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    Oh, you see now? Perhaps not. That would require a brain to process the ocular information.

    From the photograph, I am a bitter old man? How the fuck do you work that out? I’m not in the photograph. Who is being judgemental?

    I am not forced to live with anyone. You’re are making wild, unjustified assumptions and dumping abuse on me. Hypocritical moron. And a troll.

    Take a heike!

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