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Cool It!

The recent spell of hot weather, with temperatures hitting 38.8ºC is due to have a respite. Tonight or tomorrow morning (30th and 31st July), typhoon Begonia is due to make landfall in Fujian province. Although this won’t directly have any bearing on Guangxi, it will lower temperatures across southern China and bring rain to some […]

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Homophonic Humour

This amused me. A couple of days ago, a man in Matou Village, Liuzhou was tending his bamboo forest when he came across some strangers stealing his bamboo shoots. He wouldn’t have minded, he said, had they only been taking a few for themselves, but they had amassed sack loads, so he called the police. […]

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(Almost) Forgotten Liuzhou Lives No. 1

Born in 1912 in Guangdong and a graduate of an art school, 符少孟 made his way to Liuzhou sometime during the Sino-Japanese war / WW2  and settled here. He eventually found work in Liuzhou museums department. In 1963, he designed and built a 4.2 metre high statue of Liu San Jie, which stood in Yufeng Park, […]

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Cool Job

I’ve found the perfect new job for these times. Hope they’ll take me on! As Liuzhou’s temperature hits 37ºC /98.6ºF, I could be quite happy to join this chap who is well wrapped up. He is a worker in a Liuzhou refrigeration company and routinely works in temperatures of -18ºC / -0.4ºF. This means there […]

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Cops’ New Toys

Liuzhou’s cops sure like their new toys. Three years ago, they took to patrolling the streets on those ridiculous self-balancing scooters which were all the rage at the time. It didn’t last long. Like petulant children, they threw them aside and searched for the next toy. Now we are informed that the local constabulary has […]

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Child Near Drowns – Parents Playing Cell Phone

For the second time in two weeks, a child has almost drowned in Liuzhou while its parent is busy playing on their cell phone. On Tuesday (25th July), a 5-year old boy fell into the river at 4:30 pm in Liuzhou’s artificial beach on the riverbank.  Local life guards saw him fall and went to […]

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Zebra Slogans

Almost exactly a year after their previous effort, the local authorities are again having a campaign to get Liuzhou drivers to pretend to be rational, intelligent, civilised human beings. It sort of worked, for a bit last, time. Some drivers tended to stop to give way to pedestrians on crossings for all of the month […]

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Banned Bear – Winnie Not Welcome

The idiots in charge of China’s internet censorship have just made themselves look even more childish and stupid than usual. They have banned Winnie the Pooh! All mention of Winnie is being scrubbed from websites and social media even as I write this. What has poor Winnie done to deserve this? It seems to go […]

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Website Wiped

Today, I finally did something I have been planning to do for a couple of years. I deleted all the Liuzhou Laowai website apart from the blog and a couple of small side routes. Should you try to access any page on (other than /wordpress) you should see something like this. I have also […]

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Limey Lament

Despite sitting on Vietnam’s shoulder, we are strangely unable to source many of the key ingredients for their wonderful cuisine. I’ve never encountered lemongrass or basil, for example in Liuzhou. I grow my own mint, so that’s no problem. I did, about three or four years ago find limes in Bubugao and had a few […]

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