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Come On Baby, Fight My Fire

For reasons they will probably regret, Liuzhou’s finest fire fighters have taken to posing for beefcake shots. No rationale has been provided.

Now, I don’t know about you, but should I ever have need for fire fighters coming round waving their hoses, I prefer them to be more sensibly dressed. In fact, just dressed would do.

Fortunately the photo series does have some shots of them in uniform. Unfortunately, natural poses are not part of the portfolio.

The full series can be seen here (Chinese website).

Ok. One more.

I just wish to add that I am full of admiration for the fire fighting service here nor anywhere else. Every time I walk past the local fire station (I live nearby) , I remember my friend Martin, a fire fighter in in the UK, who died far too early.

In China, the fire department is a branch of the army (PLA – People’s Liberation Army).

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