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Study Chinese in Guangxi

Guangxi Science and Technology Normal University (formally Liuzhou Teacher’s College) is offering special rates on its Mandarin courses for foreign students, making it among the cheapest in China.

The university is fully accredited and has two campuses – one in Liuzhou and one in Laibin, the next city heading south towards Nanning. The Mandarin courses are held in the Laibin campus.

Normally, for a one year Chinese course, there is a tuition fee of RMB 10,000 yuan (approx $1,450 USD) and accommodation fee of RMB 2,000 yuan (approx $300 USD).  So, the total is RMB 12,000 yuan (approx $1,800 USD ).

For the 2017-2018 session, both the tuition fee and accommodation fee have been reduced to give a full. combined tuition and accommodation fee of RMB 8,500 yuan (approx $1,250 USD).

In addition, the university is offering scholarships of RMB 3,000 yuan (approx $450 USD to be awarded as an exemption on payment of the joint tuition/accommodation fees, thereby reducing the total fees payable to RMB 5,500 (approx $800 USD).

The start date for the next session is 1st of September, 2017. All fees payable in advance at the prevailing exchange rate. Assistance in obtaining necessary student visas and other required documents shall be offered by the university, but  any charges for such should be borne by the student.

For further information, please contact me using this link.

Note: A friend, the director of the relevant department of the university, who in charge of promoting and organising this course, asked me to help with some publicity. I have no other interest in the matter and am not financially involved in any way.

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