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A Load of Bollards

I’ve declared war.

All over Liuzhou (China) are loads of bollards. These are erected to prevent the more idiotic citizens who have somehow managed to obtain a driving license despite displaying no discernible driving skills from inserting their vehicles into spaces where no sane person would think of so doing.

Said bollards are fixed to the ground by embedding a base in the firmament. The actual upright pole is then attached. You didn’t know I was an expert of bollard installation, did you?

He problem arises when the said bollards are decommissioned, whether because they are no longer required for some reason or, more commonly, because some idiot hasn’t realised that two physical entities cannot simultaneously occupy the same space time continuum and has crashed into the things rendering them ex-bollards.

In such circumstances, the bollard is scraped up and probably sold off for its scrap metal value. The disposal methods of plastic and other materials, I don’t know.

One thing I do know. No one ever removes the base, instead still leaving them attached randomly to the terrestrial fundamental. There are thousands of these things all over the city (country). Some are still complete. Most are crumbling slowly (Half-life about a century or three.)

And they are a frigging danger. Twice now, I have tripped over one in the dark – in places you can’t imagine ever requiring bollardisation. The first time was quite a serious fall, rendering me unable to move or work much for nearly a month. Of course, back home, I could sue someone, but not here. They just say everything belongs to the government and you can’t sue the government because malignant bollard bases are all part of the master plan to universal socialism by abandoning all pretence of socialism.

The second fall wasn’t so bad as the first but was extremely hurtful to my dignity. And my temper.

It’s war.

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