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writing abiolities

Anyone who runs a blog or website, and I do both gets all sorts of garbage in the email. Askimet, the anti-spam organisation catches most, but occasionally a few get through. Most are just annoying or boring, but occasionally one amuses me. They still get deleted though.

This one, received today,  amused me for its illiteracy while praising mine. I present it totally unedited. It also contained a link to the sender’s blog. Of course I didn’t open it, nor will I rebroadcast it here.

I am eextremely inspiured tоgether with yoᥙr writing abiolities
andd ɑlso ᴡith the format ߋn your blog.
Iѕ this ɑ paid subject matter оr did you modify it
yⲟurself? Аnyway kwep up tһe nice high quality writing, it’s uncommon tⲟ look a nice weblog lіke tһis one today..

Well, thank you for that, asshole. Shut the door on your way out. It’s the big bit of wood that goes in the hole beside it.

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3 Responses to “writing abiolities”

  1. David Says:

    Ive seen similar from native English speakers when they attempt the written word . Education education edu……..

    I thought the term ‘asshole’ a tad ungrateful to an obvious fan .

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    What makes you think it isn’t from a native English speaker?

    And anyone sending spam is an asshole, in my book.

  3. David Says:

    ‘What makes you think it isn’t from a native English speaker?’
    Well , firstly the spelling is rather too good for many a native speaker and secondly there’s the impressive amount of punctuation , increasingly unknown amongst texting babes !

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