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A Trip Over the Water

Liuzhou’s domestic and industrial water supply is controlled by  Liuzhou Veolia Water Supply Co, Ltd which is a joint venture between Liuzhou government and the French trans-national Veolia Environnement S.A. Liuzhou government holds a 51% share but the actual management is carried out by Veolia. They are responsible for everything from water and sewage treatment, to distribution and drainage etc. This also includes the installation and maintenance of supply pipes to your humble abode.

Over the last few days they have been installing new pipes to some of my neighbours’ apartments. I don’t why. Two days ago they connected the pipes running up the exterior walls of the building to the main supply by laying this pipe across the only entrance to the two stairwell, eight story block (32 homes). It is just the right height for tripping over and breaking your ankle at least or your neck at worst.

Then the cretins pissed off for the weekend. At least, I assume it’s only for the weekend. It could be for the entire Chinese New Year holiday.

The company  is currently facing legal action in Michigan,USA where Veolia has been accused of professional negligence and public nuisance, and fraud. There have also been explosions and fatalities at some of their facilities in the USA. There were also protests over the company’s alleged political stance over illegal settlements in Israel. In 2015, they sold their Israel admitting that the  international outcry had lost them billions in lost contracts.

Of course, they will be OK here. That 51% government holding in the company assures them that they won’t lose any damages claim when I break my neck. You can’t sue the government.

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One Response to “A Trip Over the Water”

  1. Robert Says:

    I am surprised they are still using galvanised water pipe here. It lasts about 20 years and was phased out and replaced by brass in Australia 20 odd years ago. By the way, the pipe could be put just 6″ underground but plumbers worldwide, including China it seems, don’t dig.

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