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Here, for anyone interested is a list of the most visited pages on this blog (other than the home page) since it was moved to this server in 2011. So, it doesn’t include visits from Dec 2004 – Sept 2011. Hence I haven’t given the visit count figures.

The only difference I think including them would be that what is here showing as No 3 would instead be No 1. It was by far the most visited page. It has almost 20,000 hits in one day, nearly all from Japan!

It seems that people are more interested in food than in Liuzhou. The “Recent Popular Posts & Pages” table on the right echoes that, too.

1. Vegetarian or Vegan in China?
2. A Bite of China
3. Star Fucks
4. Friday Food 59 – Chinese Olives
5. Friday Food 128 – Lao Gan Ma Chilli Sauce
6. About
7. Friday Food 63 – Cherimoya
8. Beware of Beards
9. Attack of the Eat People Fish
10. Friday Food 93 – Prawn / Shrimp Crackers / Chips

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