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Hold Your Breath

China Mobile, one of the two large cell phone service providers kindly sends each subscriber a free weather report/forecast which is updated throughout the day. Here is what is showing at the moment.

What I particularly would like not to highlight, but feel obliged so to do, is this:

Yes, the place is trying to kill us.

When I first came to Liuzhou some twenty years ago, the air quality was much worse than this. Then, in 2003, the local government closed the worst polluting factories and moved the rest from the city centre, mainly to the north of the city around the 鹧鸪江 area. The atmosphere rapidly improved.

I have mentioned before sitting in a long-gone open air noodle place, looking up and being astounded to see blue skies, something that hadn’t been seen in Liuzhou since Mao was lad.

All was well for a while, until about five or six years ago when the entire populace decided that they couldn’t possibly live without cars – preferably at least one each, and preferably as big as possible. I said back then that they were going to choke the city, both physically and atmospherically and I was right. No great prophecy skills were required.

Yet I still find many Liuzhou people in denial. Still blaming the factories as they sit in their traffic jams belching out the very pollution that they are complaining about. And the government does zilch.

The only advice that makes sense is “don’t breath”.

(To be fair, this is a China-wide problem and Liuzhou is relatively better off than many.)

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One Response to “Hold Your Breath”

  1. Matt Says:

    I suppose this makes me look at the -22* C temperature here in Minneapolis in a different light.

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