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Cheese Tea?

The hopeless, so-called “Italian Pizza” place which had no Italian pizzas, as I mentioned in July, lasted even less long than the average Italian government.  It has gone – unmourned – after just two months.

In its place, has arisen a branch of the chain of “royaltea” shops which seem to be all the rage. (I hope the pun was deliberate but I expect not.)


They seem more confused than the non-Italians. They are suffering from the delusion that cheese is a drink. Alongside their offerings of milk tea and lemon tea, they will also sell you a variety of drinks from sections of their menu entitled “Royal Tea Cheese”, “Cheese Tea” and for the non-tea drinkers (tea-totallers?), “Cheese Drink”.

I haven’t sampled these wonders and probably never will, but they seem to be tea, something they imagine to be cheese and matcha powder (more tea).


There is also a clone called “Royal Style” in the basement of Bubugao (near the supermarket entrance) selling the same thing.

Whatever next?

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One Response to “Cheese Tea?”

  1. Robert Says:

    They ought to be coagulated

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