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If The Old Doesn’t Go

There is a Chinese idiom 旧的不去,新的不来 which can be translated as “If the old doesn’t go, the new can’t come.”


Zheng Junkang

Yesterday, Liuzhou announced the results of its elections for the new city leaders. Chances are you didn’t know there was an election. Few people ever do. The party just vote for themselves. The People’s Republic doesn’t let the People choose!

Surprise of the day was the news that we have a “new” Party Secretary taking his place the top of the tree.  The new secretary is Zheng Junkang (鄭俊康) who replaces Zheng Junkang (鄭俊康) who was first elected Party Secretary in February 2013 after six years as city mayor. No, I haven’t made a mistake. They are the same man. Nothing has changed. But we are being told he is “new”.

Other announcements list the names and responsibilities of those appointed to various committee, while adding notes as to which gender and ethnic minority they belong to – unless of course they are male or Han or both. The party secretary and deputy are, of course, Han males. They always are.

If you are really interested,here is a list in Chinese. I can’t be bothered to translate it. It
won’t make a bit of difference to anything. Yesterday Once More.

中共柳州市委书记 – 郑俊康

中共柳州市委副书记 –  吴炜 刘友谊


郑俊康 吴炜 刘友谊 徐斌 杨义 焦耀光 陈鸿宁 钟山(壮族) 黄丽娟(女)
向军(壮族) 袁东升(土家族)




副书记:覃应霜(壮族) 韦冠武(壮族) 苏学常(壮族)


钟山(壮族) 覃应霜(壮族) 韦冠武(壮族) 苏学常(壮族) 梁东强 罗庆
锋(壮族) 覃莉(女,回族) 覃家茂 戚纯(壮族)

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