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Not The Ticket

Ticket Office 2005

Ticket Office 2005

I guess it was inevitable.

In 2005, this tiny ticket office, more of a ticket kiosk really, opened at the gate of Liuzhou Library on 三中路. For those of us in the north of the city, this was a godsend. No longer did we have to descend into what was, and despite some improvements, remains the hell on earth of the main railway station ticket office.

Womanned by one friendly young lady who was helpful and polite, even to stupid foreigners who weren’t sure where they wanted to go or when, this was a place I frequented a lot recently as I had some travelling to do. Well worth the ¥5 per ticket service fee.

Sadly, this week, it closed. Shut up shop. Gone.

The vast majority of people buy their tickets on-line now, so physical ticket offices are likely to die completely some day soon.

The nearest ticket office I know of now is the travel centre in Zhong Jiao Hotel (中交大酒店 – 交通局). That office does train, coach, plane, boat tickets. For a fee. For how much longer?


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2 Responses to “Not The Ticket”

  1. Nanning Laowai Says:


    I might be wrong, but you can always get railway tickets at China Tietong 铁通 offices (those that also handle the internet/telecommunications), and even at the Bank of Communications (not 100% sure if it still works, though).

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    Yes. You are wrong. 🙂

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