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Liuzhou Infant Milk Scare?


Western media is reporting that a new China “fake milk and baby health scare” is being discussed on Chinese social sites such as WeChat and Weibo. This time the attention is on Liuzhou.

According to the reports, a number of nurseries in Liuzhou have been sourcing milk products from “an unlicensed ‘dairy'” which supplied the milk substitute to 29 nurseries.

Chinese media has reported that some 10,000 individual containers of milk products have been seized. Liuzhou media is resolutely silent, as always.

Social media users have been posting photographs of sick children, mostly toddlers, who have allegedly been given these products in their nurseries.

Guangxi government have denied everything, which they always do. One day, maybe,  they will wake up and realise that their stonewalling actually contributes more to the wave of rumour which they are trying to stem.

Social media posts using the hashtag #MilkProblemFlowsIntoPreschools have so far received more than 2m reads. Many of them criticise the authorities for “silencing” the scandal.

More information here.

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3 Responses to “Liuzhou Infant Milk Scare?”

  1. Robert Says:

    In a fast growing economy where the government is unable or unwilling to enforce food safety regulations there is the constant temptation for food processing companies to operate unlicensed, cut corners or use substitute ingredients. I urge anyone interested to read ‘ food safety incidents in China ‘ in Wiki. Truly disturbing

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    Let’s not forget that other countries have similar problems Or that the milk powder scare also involved New Zealand joint ventures. Similarly, McDonalds and, in particular, KFC have been hit by food scandals in China after buying meat from a US based company’s Chinese subsidiary.

    I’m not defending China; just pointing out that everywhere is susceptible and all across the world food industry lobbyists are doing their best to reduce food safety legislation. Look at Monsanto.

    By the way, the Wilkipedia article including incidents of people accidentally eating poisonous mushrooms is hardly in the same league as the deliberate frauds also listed. That happens worldwide, too.

    Instead of relying on the unreliable Wikipedia, sign up to notifications from the likes of the the Food Standards Agency in the UK or the American equivalent. I am sure Australia probably has one, too. You may be surprised how many notifications of recalls, warnings etc you get almost every day. Some through accidents or incompetence. Some criminal.

  3. Lành Ha Says:

    Yes! ~ Glad to see you mention Monsanto, the worst example of corporate food monsters, they cause big problems for farmers around the world too, and where I’m from here in Vietnam, I know this from personal experience as many relatives of mine are involved in farming. It’s not just the GMO risk but the fact is too, that they destroy local areas and rural communities increasingly, worldwide. Did you know they practically have an office to lobby the governments in almost every country of the world? More people need to make a stand against these corporate giants, because they are just like monsters that will consume everything in sight with no regards to the welfare of people, or environment. It’s a frightening future for the world that we’re about to witness, just 10 years from now and we’ll all see when it’s too late.

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