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4 Responses to “Remain”

  1. Wang Yunshan Says:

    Hi, I’m an avid reader of your English blog of Liuzhou life and very interested too, in the China and UK relationship. Today the result shows it’s NOT gone the way you and most others expected, right ‘Laowai’? It’s especially hard for Chinese people, like myself to understand about why the UK wants to be outside of Europe because it seems a weaker place to be, going forward. Has the result come as a total shock to you? What’s next, a possible Scotland independence vote again, do you think? The UK is going through very interesting times, – and the world is watching on. This result could have ripple effects stretching out far into the heart of the EU and further to the rest of the world, it could be just the start of something much bigger.

  2. David Says:


  3. Toni Etteridge Says:

    Think about it: The relationship that the UK has with the rest of the world should do better, like on trade with CHINA of course, does that mean the UK will open the flood gates on milk powder into China right now, and make a killing? That would be the way I would go if I was in charge of the purse-strings in the UK GOV!.. total free trade with China, make hay whilst the sun-shines as the saying goes…. and what about other great NON-EU nations too?!!..I am an Australian so of course I would like to think the relationship between Australia and the UK could be stronger. But, WAIT a minute,.. is the UK still the U.K (United Kingdom?) or The De-united Kingdom right now, needs renaming to “The D.K.(?)” more uncertainty ahead, that’s for sure!

  4. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    Think about it. Why on earth do you think UK trade with China will be better? China is not at all happy about Brexit.

    And what is this fantasy milk powder trade you have dreamed up? China’s imports of milk powders are largely controlled by NestlĂ© (Swiss), Danone (French) and Fonterra (New Zealand). I can’t think of a UK company remotely near their scale. In fact, I can’t think of a UK dairy company, at all.

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