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Friday Food 165 – Worcestershire Sauce

Friday Food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This time, we are looking at something that sounds suspiciously English.

You’ve probably wondered if I am completely losing the plot. This is meant to be a series about food in China – what are you doing wittering on about classic English delicacies?

Well, it may surprise you but Worcestershire Sauce is very popular in parts of China, particularly Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Lea and Perrins’ invention was introduced to Shanghai by the British back in the 19th century and the locals took to it, adapting it to their dipping sauces. Then they decoded the recipe and started producing it themselves. The most popular brand in Shanghai is, no surprise, Shanghai Worcestershire Sauce.


It is known in Chinese as 辣酱油, which leads to some confusion, as 酱油  is also used to refer to soy sauce. This product contains no soy. In fact, 酱油 just means ‘sauce’, but the ubiquity of soy sauce in China has lead to the name almost being appropriated by just one sauce.


The Shanghai version is slightly spicier and less sweet than Lea & Perrins’ original.

The English on the bottle lists the ingredients as:


The Chinese ingredients list is more forthcoming, adding dried chilli, onion, mustard seeds, tangerine peel, cape jasmine and bamboo shoot to the list.

Note the lack of anchovies, the main ingredient in the original

In Shanghai, it is mainly used with fried, bread-crumbed  pork chops or as a dipping sauce for  生煎包 aka 生煎馒头, or fried soup dumplings – a popular breakfast item.

Shanghai Worcestershire Sauce is available in Liuzhou. ¥8.50 for a 630ml bottles from here.

PS. I’ve never met anyone outside England who can actually pronounce Worcestershire Sauce properly. P.G. Woodhouse drops a huge clue, doesn’t he Bertie?

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  1. David Says:

    Not to mention Bertie’s ‘worsted’ plus fours ……

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