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BBG Rip-off


 I have recently developed a liking for these snack things. Perfect with a beer or six. They come in all sorts of weird flavours. – spicy shrimp flavour, tomato flavour, pizza flavour, salad flavour, butter flavour and matcha flavour. They even have strawberry flavour and blueberry flavour. The company website also claims to have spicy chicken flavour and nori flavour – I’ve never seen those two. The only one I really like is the spicy prawn flavour, although I guess the nori ones would be good, too.


Anyway, I found myself in BuBuGao hypermart yesterday and thought I’d pick up a few packs. Never bought them there before.

When I located them, this is what I found.

bbg pretz

¥7.50 a packet! What!? ¥7.50 per packet. That is more than double the normal cost.

lh pretz

Even the local rip-off Lianhua corner shop only charges ¥4.30

s lh pretz

Now I could think that this is just an honest error, but I have seen this sort of thing in BBG time and time again (their butter is also double the price I pay elsewhere, for example). And be very careful if buying product which has to be weighed – more than once they have entered the wrong code and ended up attempting to charge me for the most expensive item on the shelves rather than for what I am actually buying.

I am convinced that this has happened too often to be coincidence. A plague on them.

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4 Responses to “BBG Rip-off”

  1. Robert Says:

    I agree, bbg have no consistency to their pricing policy other than gouging. I have, however , recently purchased full strength German beer there for 3.90 and they occasionally have decent European wine on special. The R-TMart just over the red bridge is worth the visit and, of course, one’s local fresh food market is hard to beat.

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    RT Mart, as I’ve said often, is light years ahead of any other supermarket in Liuzhou. They have three branches in town now. My favourite remains the first, out in the north of the city,

    I suspect my idea of “decent European wine” and yours may differ. But then I have an alternative supply.

  3. Robert Says:

    I know the RT Mart on Pingshan Dadao and the one near Queshan Park but did not know there was a 3rd branch . Where is that ? By the way, I thought I saw a WalMart under construction on Tanzhong Rd West, just over the HuXi Bridge. Do you know anything about that ?

  4. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    The third Rt Mart (大润发) is somewhere on the south side of the city. I haven’t been myself (I’m a 柳北人), but I have been told of it by two unconnected people both of whom I trust and who have visited. I’ll try to get more info.

    There has never been a development site in Liuzhou that wasn’t definitely going to be a Walmart. Bubugao was definitely going to be a Walmart and even had Walmart pictures (taken in Canada) on the site’s hoardings all through construction. Same with RT Mart. Same with the building where the Pizza Hut is in the city centre. Same with the frigging People’s Hospital

    Walmart always loudly announce their plans for new sites well in advance – in the case of the Laibin branch a full two years. If Liuzhou had “attracted” Walmart, they would be crowing about it. There hasn’t been a whisper.

    Anyway, what’s the attraction of a Walmart’s?

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