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Murderous Mugs

BuBuGao, the Hunanese* supermarket chain which has the customer-less shopping mall on the north side of Liuzhou’s People’s Square, is apparently marking the 50th anniversary of the start of Mao’s cultural revolution in which millions were tortured, murdered or driven to suicide, by selling commemorative mugs.


The enamel mugs (as would have been available in 1960s China) carry revolutionary slogans (thoughts of Mao) or his portrait and are priced at ¥9.90 including lid.


The cultural revolution is yet another of those things which the communist party more or less refuses to discuss, despite Deng Xiao Ping labelling it as a “mistake” on Mao’s part.

Just a week ago, the Great Hall of the People in Beijing controversially hosted a concert of cultural revolution songs (红歌). The government are now denying having authorised it – something highly implausible.

There has been a distinct attempt to re-legitimise Mao’s legacy in recent years. How convenient to forget he was responsible for more deaths than Stalin and Hitler combined.

I still know people who keep his portrait on the wall at home and have their little red books ready, just in case.

There is also the notorious Shaoshan restaurant on Gongyuan Lu where you can enjoy excellent Hunan cuisine while the chairman gazes down at you.

*Mao was Hunanese, too.

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