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Friday Food 162 – New Year Cake

Friday Food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week we are getting stuck.

This may not look like much. That is because it isn’t much.


This is 年糕 or New Year Cake from Liuzhou’s Sanjiang county and people are going to getting stuck into it over the next couple of weeks to celebrate the Year of the Monkey which starts on Monday, 8th February.

The ingredients are glutinous (sticky rice) , white sugar, vegetable oil and water. And that’s it. And that is what they taste like. Rice and sugar.

Slightly more attractive perhaps is this version – until you realise that the red colouring and the eye is all in the packaging

fish niangao

Stripped of its packaging it looks like this.

fish niangao 2

Still a bit more interesting to look at I suppose, but the same (lack of) taste. The ingredients are very similar, but this one from Wuzhou city gets its yellow hue from corn meal which is mixed with the glutinous rice. I’ve also seen versions using millet.

If you like your teeth falling out, go ahead and get some of either version. Most supermarkets have them on sale for around ¥15 – ¥20 for a 600g cake.

Horrible, pointless things.

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One Response to “Friday Food 162 – New Year Cake”

  1. Jamesjiang Says:

    most people receive it from others and throw away, it’s too sweet, even only children eat a few. there are many in myanmar and local people buy one and swallow it, I saw that.

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