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Bank and Bouncy Castle Time

It appears that Liuzhou’s jumpers may have found a new venue for their stunts. For the second time in the past year, someone was apparently threatening to jump from a fifth floor window in the ridiculously large Agricultural Bank HQ on San Zhong Lu (三中路).


When I went out this morning at 11 am, there was a crowd gathered outside the bank looking up at this woman perched on the window sill. The police and fire people had just arrived. She has decorated her perch with banners criticising the incompetence of the bank and accusing them of having stolen all her money amounting to “millions”.

So maybe she has no intention of jumping, but is merely making her protest. I know nothing.


Anyway, I carried on to do what I had come out to do. When I returned at 1 pm she was still there. The fire people had set up their bouncy castle thing to catch her if she went over the edge.


There is also one above the bank entrance portico. Looks safe enough?

Well, from that angle, maybe. But from this angle below, you can see that they are unable to cover all the area under her. Still room for error.


Anyway, it’s now 4 pm and, for all I know, she may still be up there. But I’m not going back out to check. Too damned cold.

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One Response to “Bank and Bouncy Castle Time”

  1. Alan Says:

    Maybe they’re waiting for the arrival of a mobile crane to lift that stone lion out of the way. It would seem the more logical place for that bouncy ca err … safety air cushion.

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