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Lost Lobsters and Missing Mussels

For just over a week, Bubugao Hypermarket has been doling out these eight page leaflets promoting what they term a 全球美食节 or “Whole Earth Food Delicacies Festival”.


Of course, it’s no such thing. They are just flogging off the stuff they always have anyway. Overpriced crap wine, milk from Germany, overpriced Spanish olive oil, nasty jarred pasta sauces and average pasta.

But what really caught my attention was the promise of cooked Boston Lobster at ¥78 a hit. This I wanted to see. I was also drawn to the New Zealand Green Lip Mussels on offer at ¥68.80 a box (1 kg). These I also want to see.


Unfortunately, they seem to be a figment of the store management’s collective imaginations. There are precisely zero lobsters or mussels in the store. I’ve checked almost every day, since the promotion started (I live nearby.)

They also advertise avocados at ¥7 each in the leaflet, but in store they are charging ¥9.90.

Bah! Humbug!

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2 Responses to “Lost Lobsters and Missing Mussels”

  1. Da Wei Says:

    I would send you some green lip mussels, but I fear they wouldn’t be fresh by the time they got to you – similarly the ones in the store – if they had any!
    Here they keep them under running water to keep them fresh.

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    Thanks. I can get fresh green lip mussels in Liuzhou, but it involves a trek to the seafood market on the other side of the river. Having them in the local supermarket would have been nice.

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