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Friday Food 160 – Black Ants

Friday Food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week we are getting antsy.


Black Ants

Black ants have been eaten in China for decades, more for medicinal reasons than gustatory. You won’t find them in your local supermarket, but they are available in pharmacies dealing in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) ingredients.

They are priced by size, the larger they are the more expensive.  The largest can fetch over ¥300 per kg.

They are considered to be of benefit to longevity and general well-being, and in particular to men wishing to retain their reproductive power into old age. But that seems to be the case for almost everything in TCM.

What is more easily available (and affordable), even in some supermarkets is Black Ant Health Preserving Wine (黑蚂蚁养生酒). 175ml bottles are available for ¥9.80. Ingredients are listed as rice wine, black ants, cobra, banded krait (another snake), gecko, astragalus herb,  ginseng, longan and wolfberry.

black ant wine

Zhongbai Hualian supermarket on Beizhan Road is currently offering a ‘buy two, get one free” deal. Either that or I’m seeing triple.

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One Response to “Friday Food 160 – Black Ants”

  1. Shelby Says:

    Now this would be hard for me to try….I would…but it would be hard. When I was a little girl I accidentally sat on a red ant hill. OH that wasn’t fun. After that, I swear, ants FIND me. I’m an ant magnet lol.

    I guess eating them would be a form of revenge…………

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