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Shitty Sausages

I’m doing you a favour really. You’d thank me if you knew. Bubugao Hypermarket has taken to selling these sausages. Beef with Basil – nicely alliterative but beef and basil isn’t a pairing I would ever have considered – for good reason. Do yourself a big favour. Don’t buy them! They are utterly revolting. For […]

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Butt You Can’t Do That

Liuzhou has introduced a system of fining people who throw cigarette ends from car windows. At ¥200 a hit, they are set to make a fortune. Or they would if the traffic police actually ventured out into the streets a bit more often. It is estimated that 45 billion cigarette ends/butts are improperly disposed of […]

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Fruity Frolics

I thought it a bit odd when these fruit shops appeared in unlikely locations all over town back in the summer. They were nothing special. They just sold regular fruit, perhaps a tiny bit better quality than the supermarkets but more than a tiny bit more expensive. The regular markets still have better, fresher fruit […]

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Crossing Crackdown

Following the deaths of two elderly people hit by a van on a Liuzhou crossing on November 29th, Liuzhou police have had a three day blitz on drivers failing to stop or give precedence to pedestrians on crossings. 153 people have been fined for failing to stop at red lights and for other traffic law […]

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Friday Food 155 – Duck

Friday Food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week we are ducking for cover.  Duck isn’t that uncommon, I guess, But not so common as chicken. But here in China it is everywhere. From markets and supermarkets, from restaurants and street shacks. […]

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Primary Driving

A new driving school has opened in Shatang Village to the north of the city. A miniature traffic system including roads, sidewalks, bus stops  and traffic signs has been inaugurated in Shatang Primary School (沙塘小学). Pupils are to have weekly lessons on ‘road safety’ given by local traffic police. Apparently, they haven’t considered teaching road […]

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Space Money

The Bank of China is to issue a special 100元 note and a 1元 coin. These will be available in ICBC banks on December 14-16th, but don’t expect to get one. Collectors and investors have already reserved them and they will not enter regular circulation. As with previous special edition notes, they will disappear into […]

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