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Car Free Day

20150921072438178Tomorrow, September 22nd 2015 has been declared Liuzhou’s Car Free Day. This event has been ‘held’ before in as much as it has been announced, then totally ignored by all car drivers who are far too important to give up their right to do any damned thing they please.

According to the publicity, one road in the city will be closed to cars and 10 publicity and consultation points are to be set up to “introduce urban public transport-related knowledge and popularize the concept of green transportation.” At the same time 20,000 free travel cards (with one day’s validity) will be issued to private car owners to encourage them to use public transport such as the regular buses and the so-called Rapid Transport buses which are just as slow as any other buses.

While Liuzhou government are investing about ¥20 in this endeavour, they have also just spent the last week investing millions in the 5th “China – ASEAN (Liuzhou) automotive, engineering machinery and spare parts Fair” and are boasting of a 295 million turnover success. More cars.


Of course, it is a bit of a hope to think that a city determinedly trying to build its future prosperity on the back of the automotive industry would actively promote real abstinence from car use. And even if did try, the drivers aren’t going to play. They spend every other day displaying their incompetent selfishness – why would it be any different tomorrow. And think of the thousands of parking attendants who would be out of a job helping the 99% of drivers who can’t drive backwards to get into parking spaces big enough to park tanks.

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2 Responses to “Car Free Day”

  1. Luke Says:

    What you will find is Baojun’s new plant- not the one opened a couple years ago, the one across the road – creating increases in all the issues you mention

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    A mere pimple on the arse of the problem

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