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60 Years of Drunken Karaoke?

Liuzhou No 3

Liuzhou No 3 Middle (School)

I have mentioned before that I have the misfortune to live near to Liuzhou No 3 Middle School. They are the major polluters round here – noise pollution. Not the pupils, who are pretty well-behaved, but the drunks who are meant to teach them.  Here is what I said last year.

Yesterday afternoon they started celebrating what seems to be their  60th birthday. The school’s, not the pupils’.


This necessitates the use of a PA system to blare their propaganda over the kids and any neighbours in a mile radius. They started around 4pm yesterday and are still going strong.

Yesterday evening around 8 pm, some post banquet, drunken teachers once again took advantage of the PA to “sing” karaoke into the night at full volume for the masses’ benefit, but not until one male teacher spent a full hour grunting incomprehensibly into the microphone.

This morning they started again with their racket (no singing yet, just yelling). Windows rattle as do my teeth. It is impossible to hold a conversation in my apartment.

Below is a sample. It begins with an excerpt of Grunt’s soliloquy then a rendition of some pop song by a female teacher. Recorded in my sitting room between 8 and 10 pm last night.

(Some browsers are not showing the play/pause button, although it is working. It is just to the left of the elapsed time indicator. Enjoy!)

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2 Responses to “60 Years of Drunken Karaoke?”

  1. Robert Says:

    Why don’t you move house ?

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    Why the hell should I? Are you suggesting that the hundreds of neighbours who are also utterly pissed off just move home, too?

    These ignorant, immature, irresponsible idiots are the ones who should be moved. There are not fit to be involved in education.

    Note that while they were caterwauling and disturbing the entire neighbourhood, school was still in – students still trying to learn and the sober teachers trying to teach.

    I’m not going to play the victim and crawl away. That is how these scum survive.

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