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Piss-up Brewery Failure

wetThe Radisson Blu seems to be determined to demonstrate its inability to organise the proverbial intoxication session is a beer manufacturing facility.

Since earlier this year, they have been attempting to arrange a boating trip on the river for expats in Liuzhou.

To set the scene somewhat let me repeat what I posted back in May.

[The Radisson]]had sent me something about the event earlier, but I deleted it. But I remember thinking at the time that May was a bloody stupid time to arrange anything on the river. It seems they are surprised that the river levels are high. They always are in May. Perhaps they should learn a little about the city.

So, they have postponed the event to April. Wasn’t that last month? Or do they mean next year? Or 2027?

Then, less than an hour later, at 12:46, I get another e-mail telling me that the author ‘would like to recall the message, “ON THE RIVER”.’ What does that mean? The event is unpostponed? What is going on?

The full post is here.

Things went quiet for a while after that. Until August 31st, in fact. Then another email arrived confusingly suggesting that the event would take place either “NOW OR NEXT YEAR” before going on to give a firm date of September 19th THIS YEAR at 9 am.

Today, yet another email arrives cancelling that and suggesting an undisclosed date next year. Or should that be “NEXT YEAR”?

What is the problem?

Well, first they set a date in the middle of the river’s annual flood season, so that was cancelled in case they drowned too many customers. Then they reset the date to three days into the three-week-long, annual Watersports Festival when the river is, to all extents and purposes, closed to traffic other than the racer boys and their toys.


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