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The Green Party

The Green Party can be one of many political parties or organisations found in many different countries. They all have one common thread.

To quote from the website of  the Green Party of Pennsylvania, an affiliate of the Green Party of the United States, chosen as a random example, they have 10 Key Values:

– Grassroots Democracy

– Social Justice & Equal Opportunity

– Ecological Wisdom

– Non-Violence

– Decentralization

– Community-Based Economics & Economic Justice

– Feminism and Gender Equity

– Respect for Diversity

– Personal and Global Responsibility

– Future Focus and Sustainability

All very laudable, no doubt, yet they have had varying success. The UK Green party has but one member of parliament, whereas the German Green Party has been more successful.

What may surprise you, however, is that although effectively a one-party-state, China also has a Green Party, with a branch here in Liuzhou.

The Green Party Liuzhou HQ

The Green Party Liuzhou HQ

However, their 10 key values may be slightly different.

– Selling Cute Stuff No One Needs

er, that’s it.

Yup! It’s a shop on the first floor of that silly shopping mall with an even sillier name at the southern end of Liujiang Bridge. Nothing environmentally special about it, and their feminist credentials seem to be at the lacy end of the spectrum. Still they showed me no violence when I visited.

I don’t know what it’s about but there has been a whole string of cute but useless shops opening in Liuzhou recently. This one is slightly more upmarket than some of the others, but not by much.

I bought some chopsticks – like I didn’t have enough already. Doing my bit to save the planet.

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