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Luosifen Lunacy

It seems that this weekend has been designated to be Luosifen promotion weekend. Promotional activities were held on the walkway over 广场路 Guangchang Lu outside the Bubugao building and in front of the nearby Lianhua Century Mart. Maybe other parts of the city, too. I don’t get everywhere.

Outside Bubugao

Outside Bubugao

Strangely, the Bubugao Hypermarket in the basement took no part in the promotion but there were independent stalls lining both sides of the bridge.


Lianhua also had a stage (fortunately, I missed their show)


But what were they selling? These recently introduced pack of Instant Liuzhou Luosifen – Pot Noodles. Who in their right mind buys this shit?

I can understand maybe getting some to send to deprived locals, or even foreigners who have been to Liuzhou. I have Chinese friends in the USA and in the UK, who have been glad of some while very much aware that they are but a shadow of a shadow of an illusion of the real thing.

But if the locals are buying them to consume themselves, then they are in serious need of medical attention.


A single portion (above) costs ¥9.90 – around double the cost of a bowl of infinitely better fresh luosifen available round every corner of the city. You can save a negative tad by buying the larger boxes which contain 8 single portions for ¥79.50, which works out at ¥9.94 each!!! Looks like they haven’t worked out bulk buying.


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