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Vegetarian Coincidence?

The post which plagiarized mine has been reviewed by the site owner and deleted. The “author” has been banned from that site. I have therefore deleted this post and accompanying comments. I am grateful to all who gave their support, opinion and feedback – and to the site owner who did the right thing. I will always […]

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The Green Party

The Green Party can be one of many political parties or organisations found in many different countries. They all have one common thread. To quote from the website of  the Green Party of Pennsylvania, an affiliate of the Green Party of the United States, chosen as a random example, they have 10 Key Values: – Grassroots Democracy […]

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Heavy Reading

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of literature is aware that some books are more heavy going than others.   At one end of the scale we may have something like James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake which many readers have declared unreadable (they’re wrong). At the lighter end are a zillion beach books, Harry Potter and […]

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Market Donkeys

It probably seems like common sense to most people. An indoor market. Like inside a building. So it isn’t sensible to drive your car around the place. But time and time again, I have seen evidence that common sense is not particularly common in Liuzhou’s vehicle owning classes. So they have to be told. The […]

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More Free Parks

Several years agp, admission prices were dropped from most Liuzhou city centre parks, including Longtan, Liuhou and Que’er Shan Parks. Two more parks are to become free for admission in October, in time for the national day holiday (Oct 1 – 7th inclusive.) 三门江国家森林公园 Sanmenjiang National Forestry Park is in the east of the north-east […]

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Luosifen Lunacy

It seems that this weekend has been designated to be Luosifen promotion weekend. Promotional activities were held on the walkway over 广场路 Guangchang Lu outside the Bubugao building and in front of the nearby Lianhua Century Mart. Maybe other parts of the city, too. I don’t get everywhere. Strangely, the Bubugao Hypermarket in the basement […]

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Monster Energy Advice

Just a suggestion. When you want to come over as uber-macho with your ‘Monster Energy’… …and satanic with your VIP Hades VIP membership… …then it’s probably best not to completely undermine your message by having pink wheels on your buggy. Just saying.

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Friday Food 147 – People Shaped Fruit

 Friday Food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week a true oddity. 人形果 People Shaped Fruit  is a craze  believed to have started in Taiwan, but now spread to mainland China. Young fruit is enclosed in a translucent mould, forcing the […]

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Lovin’ It

According to the traditional Chinese calendar, today is the seventh day of the seventh month and so time to celebrate 七夕节, the Qixi Festival. This is also known by various other names, most commonly these days as Chinese Valentine’s Day, which makes no sense whatsoever, Valentine being a historical figure and Roman and without a Chinese […]

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Viagra Baijiu

I thought I was feeling a bit friskier than usual. It has come to light that  Liuzhou Food and Drug Administration and local police are investigating claims that two local distilling companies, Gaikun (桂坤) and Deshun (德顺), have been adding Viagra to their 白酒, the local gut rot of choice. The brands involved are 金锅功夫酒, 瑶健酒 and 柳霸神养生酒, […]

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