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In The News

WeChat, China’s highly popular messenger service plus, has many uses. One unusual use came to light this week. A so-far unidentified Liuzhou man, who used the pseudonym “Huang Liang” used WeChat to run his drug pushing business. He was finally tracked down in Sanjiang in the north of Liuzhou prefecture in possession of 1.17 kilograms […]

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Peasant Art

Liuzhou Museum  is having yet another of its temporary exhibitions in the hall  on the first floor dedicated to such events. This time it’s entitled “柳州农民画作品展” which translates as “Liuzhou Peasant Artwork Exhibition”. Perhaps not surprisingly, the paintings feature scenes from daily life including farming, fishing and cooking.  I’m sure the style would be described […]

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Floody Stupid

Feeling sorry for this poor chap? What a shame. His car has been outrageously flooded while he was away. No. He is an idiot. He didn’t park the car there and come back to find it submerged. He deliberately drove into the flood, unaware of the probable result. “Conscious” isn’t a word I normally apply […]

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Rain Fun

We sure are having fun here in sunny Liuzhou.

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Screwed Noodle Translation

Liuzhou’s Municipal Commission of Commerce has proudly announced that, after copious head-scratching, they and the other four other committees who had to get their oar in have finally come up for the definitive name for the city’s iconic noodle dish 螺蛳粉, known to everyone in Liuzhou by its Chinese name, Luosifen. No, it is not […]

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Random Picture No 80 – Card School with Cheese

Random Picture No. 80  is one in a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse, baffle or otherwise interest me.

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BP Blues

Moving house turns up things you forgot you had. Few kids these days would even know what one of these is. 20 years ago, when I arrived in China, almost no one had a telephone. Even in offices, there might be one phone between a hundred workers. In homes, it was extremely rare to see […]

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Ducks Disguise Drugs

Twelve people have been arrested for drug trafficking in Liuzhou after police discovered a drug manufacturing plant hidden in duck farm behind 10,000* ducks. The story began when police more than once spotted a Hunan registered car travelling from Liuzhou to Hunan at high speed. Investigations identified the driver as a known drug trafficker with […]

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