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Radisson Retractions

I’m baffled – as usual.

The often confused Radisson hotel sent me this spam email at 11:52 this morning.

Personal details have been obscured.

They had sent me something about the event earlier, but I deleted it. But I remember thinking at the time that May was a bloody stupid time to arrange anything on the river. It seems they are surprised that the river levels are high. They always are in May. Perhaps they should learn a little about the city.

So, they have postponed the event to April. Wasn’t that last month? Or do they mean next year? Or 2027?

Then, less than an hour later, at 12:46, I get another e-mail telling me that the author ‘would like to recall the message, “ON THE RIVER”.’ What does that mean? The event is unpostponed? What is going on?

Not that I care a lot. I won’t be going anyway.

I’m constantly amazed at the effort they put into trying to attract a handful of foreigners to their overpriced hotel. Surely they are going to make 99.99% of their money from the locals.

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One Response to “Radisson Retractions”

  1. Vivian Wei Says:

    Haha, what a surprise to see someone writes about my hometown and his everyday life there in English.
    I am so miss my city, I am in Australia now.
    (guess you can tell from my last name, Wei is a big family in Guangxi)
    I found your blog due to some”Liuzhou historic building” research on google and I like your blog.
    What else, ehhh, have a great night.^_^

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