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Emergency Passage

Liuzhou City Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (柳州市中医院) is on North Jiefang Road (解放北路), opposite Liuzhou Museum. Despite the name, it actually practices both Chinese and, to a lesser extent western medicine. It is now the only general hospital in the city centre and is a busy place. The sidewalk outside the hospital is a bit of […]

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Steel Stealing

Liuzhou Iron and Steel (Group) Company, 柳州钢铁(集团)公司,  usually abbreviated to 柳钢, is the city’s largest employer (after the government) and largest polluter. The massive factory lies on the northern outskirts of the city. It is, of course, state-owned  and is one of the largest iron and steel companies in southern China, and the only one […]

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Random Photograph 79 – Fen Fun

Twenty years ago, when you changed foreign currency into Chinese, they calculated it down to the last 分. One fen is 100th of one Yuan. Utterly worthless, so they have all but disappeared. The banks no longer issue them, but they remain technically legal currency. I took all the fen notes I had back to […]

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Friday Food 144 – Qing Ming Cha

Friday Food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week we’re having a cuppa. Liuzhou isn’t particularly famed for its tea, although tea is grown. Guangxi’s most reputed tea is 西山绿茶 which is grown near Guiping in the east of the region. It […]

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Radisson Retractions

I’m baffled – as usual. The often confused Radisson hotel sent me this spam email at 11:52 this morning. They had sent me something about the event earlier, but I deleted it. But I remember thinking at the time that May was a bloody stupid time to arrange anything on the river. It seems they […]

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Hard Rain

It seems to be a statutory requirement that, during the rainy season which hits every May or June,  the local media should carry a picture of some sort of vehicle driving through mild flooding in 广雅路, which is to the west of the BuBuGao side of Liuzhou People’s Square. This time we get a no. […]

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Green Man Sprinting

There is something seriously amiss with the programming of Liuzhou’s traffic lights. Pedestrians (worthless scum that they are) are being given less and less time to cross at major junctions. You stand there waiting for the green man to appear.  That takes a while, but eventually you can cross. Sort of. Sprinting is possibly the […]

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Modern Art

Liuzhou Museum is yet again holding one of its temporary exhibitions in the dedicated temporary exhibition hall on the first (ground) floor. This time it’s a collection of modern paintings by local artists. Well worth a look, I’d say. Here is a selection. There are many more. Some are recognisably Liuzhou settings; others less so. […]

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This is Liuzhou

T Over the weekend, Liuzhou Tourism authorities organised a street fair in the lower half of the city centre pedestrian area (roughly from McDonalds and the Red Star up towards Soho Bar.) This mainly consisted of travel companies offering group travel deals to anywhere but Liuzhou. This I find utterly bizarre. If you are going […]

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Japanese Holiday?

As part of the CCCP’s efforts to boost nationalism, it has been announced that China will have a national holiday on September 3rd to mark the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Japan in what we call “World War 2“, but China refers to as the”Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the […]

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